(P+R) Pray and Repose, Intervention in public space, Graz 2012
P+R (Pray and Repose), Intervention in public space, Graz 2012

Intervention in public space, Graz 2012

The irritation proves to be a simple gesture: the artist clandestinely sneaks onto the parking level. He manipulates the code of spatial order and thereby abrogates the customary alignment alongside white parallel lines. His supplements to the common grid at an angle of 90 degrees evoke connotations of a realm of the death at an apparently lifeless parking lot. Like in a soldier cemetery, crosses string to one another determined by the same guiding principle of safeguarding the flowing or resting traffic.
Michail Michailov dedicates this newly created interpretation of a space to people for having a place to pray and rest aloft the roaring city. (Eva Pichler, zweintopf)