Just keep on going#12, HD video 51’’, 2021  

Just keep on going#11, HD video 58’’, 2021  

Just keep on going#10, HD video 28’’, 2020  

Just keep on going#7, HD video 1’06’’, 2020  

Just keep on going#6, HD video 58’’, 2020  

Just keep on going#4, HD video 1’21’’, 2018 (video excerpt) 

Just keep on going#3, HD video 3’18’’, 2015 (video excerpt) 

Just keep on going#2, HD video 2’19’’, 2015 (video excerpt)

Just keep on going#1, DV video 2’22’’, 2010 (video excerpt)

video series 2010-2021

The search for life’s meaning is a process which continues until we die maybe even after that. But just running in a circle without the slightest attempt to break from it would be unsatisfying for me. That’s why, through this series of different repetaive actions I try to take the viewers out of their usual context. I believe that a new way of thinking, new perceptions and experiences can take us, step by step, to the answer of the fundamental question who we really are.
camera: Hannes Anderle