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Intervention in public space, Paris 2013 / Installation from the exhibition "THE DIGNITY OF MAN …", MUSA, Vienna 2014

Realisation and co-development:
Hannes Anderle

The work „Vive la France“, created in Paris during a 5-months artist in residency period, was inspired by a strong patriotic behavior among the French people paired with their deep rooted understanding of democracy as well as by a city being the acknowledged metropolis of fashion contrasting with numerous homeless people living on the open street, lacking even basic protection in cold winter’s nights.

Social democratic achievements and the rapid change of these values are made a topic in this work. The upholding to nationalism, which needs to be questioned as of today, is another subject dealt with. Photographs and video films display a snapshot in time in France. They are made with very few means and are to be understood synonymous to the development of our society at a global scale.
The white jumpsuit which Michailov typically wears during his performances and interferences in public space serves as a fashion accessory and as a street sleeping back - thereby as a shelter for homeless people. In Michailovs homeless shelter several men are sleeping next to or with each other which hints at another occurrence of the first half of 2013.
At a distance, the fashionable jumpsuit, sharing colors with the French flag, makes the appearance of a stiletto and refers thereby to the broad theme of sexuality and potency…

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Wien 2010

In der Performance "Ihr wollt mich ja haben, aber ..." nimmt der Künstler, der eingeladen wurde, im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Mit uns ist kein (National)staat zu machen" eine Performance im Kunstraum Niederösterreich zu machen, einen Job in einem türkischen Lokal an und überträgt seine Arbeit direkt per Skype in den Ausstellungsraum ...