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color pencil on paper, 200x150

The title of this work as well as the copy of Dürer’s rabbit, integrated into the graphic, refer to a strong bond between man and nature. The inconsistent arrangement of most different nature studies illustrates how this bond is nowadays challenged. Besides the rabbit Michailov uses and carefully chooses many more animals to which he feels related in different ways. Though it looks as if these animals were thrown together randomly – collectively they yield a new composition which reminds of a Japanese ikebana. It irritates the viewer as the graphic presents animals in a size and position incongruous to each other, as if they would exist in different levels parallel to each other. New interactions and new shapes of animals materialize in return and new relationships come to stay. The emerging constellations fuel contemplation and reflection. Looking at his work from a distance the shape of the artist’s name partly becomes visible. In a way it is the artist’s signature which builds a bridge to his œuvre. Irrespectively of which medium Michailov uses - he always employs his “self”, his “ego” in his art work metaphorical as a synonym. Most likely it is not a coincidence that the German “ICH” (English: self) is part of the artists first and family name: Michail Michailov.
The work “Rabbit” represents also a continuation of Michailovs graphical manifestation in his series “homeland”.

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