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In THE BOOK Michail Michailov approaches the subject of translation by simply transferring his own person, the artist subject-his "self"-onto the white pages of a book. The name of the artist is written, scattered across the individual pages of the object, but it is only when they have read the whole book that the observers can identify and reconstruct the artist's name, which is distinguished through the doubling of the sounds and letters: M-ich-a-i-l-o-v. The artist's identity, reduced to the minimum of text, solidifies with the reception of each individual letter and increasingly resembles a signature or a business card, and not least an (auto-) biography-there is sufficient free space for interpretation between the lines and letters.(CONT3XT.NET)

THE BOOK, "Transltion is a mode", Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna 2010

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