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Bone- Performance Art Festival , Bern 2017
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris 2019

Realisation and co-development:
Hannes Anderle

As usual the exhibition takes part in the white cube, only in this case the exhibition space became smaller. There is a place only for one person. In order to see, to come to know or to experience, the spectator must put his/hers body into the white cube through the zipper entrance. Thus the spectator's body will finally become part of the exhibition, e.g. of the artist. The visit to the exhibition is for free and G-rated. Normally the spectators look at the art inside the white cube only from an outsider's perspective. Here they merge with the performer and respectively with the exhibition space. They perform together with the artist and noone sees them .
They are part of the artist and the artist themselves. Each visitor is allowed to stay inside the white cube only for a certain amount of time, so that everyone has a turn. (vergl.: http://www.peter-weibel.at/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30:-tapp-undtastfilm-1968&catid=2:mixed-media&Itemid=11)

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Wien 2010

In der Performance "Ihr wollt mich ja haben, aber ..." nimmt der Künstler, der eingeladen wurde, im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Mit uns ist kein (National)staat zu machen" eine Performance im Kunstraum Niederösterreich zu machen, einen Job in einem türkischen Lokal an und überträgt seine Arbeit direkt per Skype in den Ausstellungsraum ...