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Intervention in public space/installation
Niederösterreich/exhibition "Hans im Glück", Kunstraum Niedrösterreich, Vienna 2014

Invitated by the „Kunstraum Niederösterreich“ the artist set off on an exipedition called „Hans im Glück“ („Hans in luck“ - a fary tale by brothers Grimm)  throughout lower austria for seven days.
Just as the program-leaflet tells, one could only get to meet Michail Michailov on his trip „by chance“, because the artist walked from Mariazell to Vienna. He was therefore inverting the  pilgrimage, while replacing the original „Via-Sacra“- direction signs by white arrows pointing in different directions, to make clear, that „you don't need to pursue an objective“ to reach your luck. Within the Kunstraum he arranged those collected and other arrows, pointing to luck, in a circle.
The corresponding  video  shows Michailov standing next to the direction-signs wearing a white protection-overall. Staying  completely motionless, he looks like he wants to make himself invisible. He refuses to give any explanation  according to this msystic posture, which has become his trademark. Here too, he prefers to commit himself to the things to come. (Roman Gerold, DER STANDARD, 26.9.2014)


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Wien 2006

Intervention gegen Mechanismen der re-/Produktion von Anerkennung in der Kunst

Video- und Fotodokumentation

Konzept/Aktion: Michail Michailov
Kamera: Hannes Anderle

Statt sich mit Moden, Kritikern und Kuratoren herumzuschlagen, um - vielleicht - einmal ein „Name“ zu werden, stellt man sich einfach selbst neben die anerkannten Größen und wartet was passiert…

Video 06:13min.

Speziellen Dank an Michael Meznik