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video/light installation/installation
Bad Bleiberg/exhibition "Lichtblick", Paviljon Nob, Trzic, Slovenia 2014

In his video-work „Penetration“ Michail Michailov forces his way into a medieval adit near Bad Bleiberg (carinthia). The handmade tunnel is 60 meters long and has aproximately the same outline size as the body silhouette of Michailov. That means the adit is about 50cm in width and 170cm in hight. The hole in the mountain transforms to a natural orifice - something forces his way inside with stong bumps. These bumping sounds could either be interpreted as hammering into the stone or as penetration of a body. While shifting to and fro by invisible forces, the artist himself is pushed into the „body“  till he seems to reach the final peak/climax.
So the artist creates a stop motion video, which insinuates ironically  that human beeings take posession oft the earth and  their fellow citizens brutally and without thinking. The treasure-hunting  equals/ stands for sexual satisfaction, the natural resurce equals „new life“:


In addition to this video there is a light installation on the very far end of the adit. Via a motion detector every visitor initiates a light rhythm representing the morse-code of "So here I am", when reaching this final spot. This sentece is meant to be ambiguous:



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Wien 2006

Intervention gegen Mechanismen der re-/Produktion von Anerkennung in der Kunst

Video- und Fotodokumentation

Konzept/Aktion: Michail Michailov
Kamera: Hannes Anderle

Statt sich mit Moden, Kritikern und Kuratoren herumzuschlagen, um - vielleicht - einmal ein „Name“ zu werden, stellt man sich einfach selbst neben die anerkannten Größen und wartet was passiert…

Video 06:13min.

Speziellen Dank an Michael Meznik