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performative installation,FLUCA, Sofia 2018

in "headspacing" I am becoming my own exhibtion space in my mind and my reality. I am questioning "who am I" involving the question where does my body end-is my body connected to the mind and isn´t it already me, whatever interacts with me consciously/unconsciously. Is the the house I am living in or the exhibition space I am entering already part of my body? are the human beings I am surrounded with part of me? If I create something, how is it connected with me or my body. when design/architecture interacts with me, is it already part of me in that moment? What is the goal to strengthen my own views, spaces and connections and where is it leading me to.

realisation and co-development: Hannes Anderle

photos: hannes anderle



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Wien 2006

Intervention gegen Mechanismen der re-/Produktion von Anerkennung in der Kunst

Video- und Fotodokumentation

Konzept/Aktion: Michail Michailov
Kamera: Hannes Anderle

Statt sich mit Moden, Kritikern und Kuratoren herumzuschlagen, um - vielleicht - einmal ein „Name“ zu werden, stellt man sich einfach selbst neben die anerkannten Größen und wartet was passiert…

Video 06:13min.

Speziellen Dank an Michael Meznik