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Drawing Lab Paris, Paris 2019

In the exhibition „I am everywhere“ I am showing drawings of my series dust to dust in different forms. There are a lot of aspects, which can be seen by looking at the colored pencil drawings. My main issue in my art is the theme of existence. By questioning what makes sense in life I am influenced by the knowledge of how much and how little human science knows at the same time and how relative human views can be seen – just like the slightly different view of real dust and hand colored pencil dust. 
With this background I am creating an interacting space, showing an artificial microcosm of dust, stains and grease spots, which original accumulated in my studio. This high level of drawing effort to reproduce something that is actually totally useless, playfully raises questions of meaning and value of man and art. The unconscious becomes clear. Things unlikely to be seen become visible.

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Wien 2006

Intervention gegen Mechanismen der re-/Produktion von Anerkennung in der Kunst

Video- und Fotodokumentation

Konzept/Aktion: Michail Michailov
Kamera: Hannes Anderle

Statt sich mit Moden, Kritikern und Kuratoren herumzuschlagen, um - vielleicht - einmal ein „Name“ zu werden, stellt man sich einfach selbst neben die anerkannten Größen und wartet was passiert…

Video 06:13min.

Speziellen Dank an Michael Meznik